Byrd Perssley

Byrd Pressley

Byrd Pressley is a singer/entertainer, host and DJ. He performs various styles of music ranging from R and B and Pop music, to Country and Blues. His latest project is another phase in an artistically unique musical career.

Byrd is currently in rehearsal preparing a DVD, of excerpts from his latest show series, "The Soulful Voices of R and B". His intention is to present the DVD to managers and agents. The first artist focus, is the soulful sound of Luther Vandross. Byrd looks forward to performing the show at venues locally and nationally.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Byrd traveled the world with The New Century Platters. Later, he formed his own band and secured management with Cissy Houston's management company, Personal Touch Management. He had several songs released in Europe that hit the UK charts.

After touring in Europe, Byrd came to Caesars Pocono Resorts. In 1996 he was promoted to Entertainment Manager for Caesars. He performs at Caesars regularly with The Byrd Pressley Band.

Whether it's performing, hosting events, hosting his own radio show, or DJ-ing, Byrd is continuously evolving. His latest show, "The Soulful Voices of R and B" is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Byrd says, "The show will recall wonderful memories for mature audiences, and introduce classic Soul singers to a new generation". Byrd believes in the power of music. No one conveys the power of music better, than Byrd Pressley.

Byrd Pressley sings his songs from his CD "P.S. I Love You"
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(P.S. I Love You, CD)...

For You
He Could Never Love You Like I Do
I'll Wait For You
P.S.I Love You
Outta Here
I'm Lonely
Show Me
It's Like You Never Loved Me